"The brand refresh reflects what SSCL is today – a values-based, successful organisation where our customers are central to everything we do”

David Morris


New look reflects a changing SSCL

SSCL is starting 2021 with a new look – one that reflects the evolution of the SSCL business and the focus on our customers. The brand refresh will be launched on Monday 1 March.  At SSCL we have a well-established track record of delivering business critical shared services, digital solutions and innovation for our Government, Police and Defence customers.

SSCL employs around 2,500 people and we are proud of the role we play in transforming business support services, delivering digital solutions and innovations that make things easier for our customers.  We are also proud that over the last seven years we have delivered over £350m of savings for the public sector, providing more funds for front line public services.

Our business focus is “Shared Purpose – Unique Solutions” and our emphasis on improving the customer experience and the customer journey has shown an increase in our Net Promoter Scores over the last couple of years.

Our operational resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated our speed and flexibility when faced with the unexpected and our determination to go the extra mile to ensure continued delivery of critical services for all our customers.

So why re-brand an already successful business? There are a number of reasons.

Our business is much bigger and more complex than it was when we launched the Joint Venture in 2013.  Today we have four individual sectors : Government, Defence, Police and Resourcing Services – and we also have a fast-growing Consulting business.

Our services for public sector have also expanded as we now deliver digital solutions that better meet the individual requirements of our customers.  In addition to core business support services – Finance and Accounting, Procurement, HR & Payroll, Pensions Administration – we also deliver Contact Centre services at size and scale as well as Complex HR Case Management services.

We have also developed Resourcing Services to include recruitment for the Metropolitan Police Service, prison officer recruitment for the Ministry of Justice and Job Centre work coaches for the Department for Work and Pensions.

Our Intelligent Ecosystem is driving digital capabilities that have transformed our services and provide a unique personalised customer experience.  Our track record of innovation and robotic process automation increasingly help our clients to move their services to the Cloud.

“The brand refresh reflects what SSCL is today – a values-based, successful organisation where our customers are central to everything we do” says CEO David Morris. “We have a track record of working with customers across the public sector over the last seven years and have a unique insight into their strategic priorities, their people and their culture”.

“This experience, combined with our wide range of capabilities, means we’re increasingly acting as a strategic delivery partner, helping our clients to shape their future requirements and then working with them every step of the way up to implementation and beyond.”

The refreshed brand will be phased in from Monday 1 March with the launch of a new SSCL website showcasing our services, our insights and examples of the ways in which we support Government, Defence and Police customers.


"What really differentiates us SSCL is how we co-design our solutions with our end-users"

Matt Hurley

Strategy and Innovation Director

Customer-centric Innovation

Why choose SSCL? Our customer centric approach is producing individualised solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. That’s why we are a market leader and our innovation is unique. Listen to Matt Hurley, our Strategy and Innovation Director, talk about the exciting innovations already in the pipeline that are improving how our customers do their day-to-day business.


"It’s not the start of a journey, it’s a continuation of our growth as a trusted partner for our clients"

Matt Hurley

Director of Strategy and Innovation

Shared services - your way

We live in a world where clients’ expectations, business challenges and technology are changing at breakneck speed.

We need to be ahead of these trends and that’s why SSCL is committed to designing and delivering innovative solutions that put the user’s needs first. We’re focussed on providing customised, individual solutions and our strategy ‘Shared Services – your way’ explains how we’re meeting that challenge.

Find out more about our strategy and how we focus on collaboration and partnership in order to develop and implement better services.

Download Strategy Document


"The way we approach consulting engagement is first to understand the business problem or opportunity"

David Bond

Director of Consulting


David Bond heads up the fast-growing Consulting practice within SSCL. Here he explains how the team is uniquely placed to support our customers on their transformation journeys.


Transforming on-boarding for the Ministry of Justice

Every business and organisation strives for satisfied employees and at SSCL we know the importance of high quality recruitment processes that not only attracts and retains the best in field but also enhances the reputation of your services. In this case study, find out how our clever use of Robotic Process Automation transformed the on-boarding process for the Ministry of Justice, saving it over £30k so far whilst enhancing its reputation for HR delivery.

Download Case Study


Rapid Deployments Robotic process automation

SSCL is deploying robotic process automation as part of our work to support faster and more intuitive services which have user experience at their heart. Here we showcase two examples of where we have built RPA in-house to transform efficiency. As the case study says, “These bots don’t get bored or make mistakes. They can instead churn out task after task at speed, making them perfect for repetitive tasks that humans don’t enjoy – and freeing up team members for more challenging, rewarding and customer-focused work.”

Download Case Study

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