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As businesses start to explore how they return to work post pandemic, most are considering major changes including how technology can provide efficient solutions.

SSCL, a leader in critical business solutions for the public sector knows this only too well and like many other UK businesses, has thought carefully about how it will bring its 2,500+ employees back into its centres across the country. And it’s no surprise, as a leader in developing technology solutions, SSCL has looked to the Cloud and opted for an innovative approach that will support workforce planning.

Partnering with NICE, a market leader for Workforce Management (WFM) solutions that supports businesses across the globe, SSCL will continue its investment through a solution that will help drive efficiency, streamline its service offerings and make it easier for colleagues to do their jobs.

Following a successful pilot SSCL will use NICE WFM to provide a host of capabilities that will improve employee engagement as well as provide access to data and visibility which in the past has been unavailable or required considerable manual effort.

The solution not only benefits SSCL but also brings greater benefits to its customers through smarter planning and workforce management ensuring it can keep on delivering front-facing services such as SSCL’s award-winning contact centre, continuing to focus on a customer first approach.

NICE offers easily accessible reporting & performance monitoring from agents to supervisors to workforce planners and with its Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence, SSCL will have the ability to evaluate data and apply best-fit statistical models.

Real time tools will track performance and evaluate alternatives, so all operational goals are met.

SSCL colleagues will also have access to a whole range of self-service tools to manage schedule changes.

NICE technology has played a key role in SSCL’s vision of a new hybrid approach to bringing its colleagues back into its offices – with deployment starting this month (October 2021).

Jacqui Ingleson, Director of Support Services said: “Deploying the WFM system will be critical in supporting both the strategy for SSCL in support of its clients and allow us to better plan and support those clients as they take the next step in their own shared services journeys. It is great to see a tool being deployed that will put control of day to day in the hands of us as individuals.”

Marco Ndrecaj, Director of Contact Centre Services, SSCL Government said: “With our industry rapidly evolving and the impacts of Covid-19 we understood early on that traditional WFM solutions wouldn’t be good enough in supporting our people engagement, strategic growth targets, effective planning and efficiency driving. That’s why I am proud to announce that SSCL will be deploying NICE’s state of the art WFM, a solution that will enable us overcome complexity, boost efficiency, engagement, and customer experience through effective workforce planning, scheduling and optimisation – all in a single, cloud-powered platform.”

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